BIOSPHERE Resorts mission is to halt the loss of biodiversity on Earth - while creating a sustainable new job industry focused upon the fulfillment of this mission.

It will create millions of jobs in recreation, entertainment, health & wellness, research, and multi-sector tourism. The project leverages tourism to create and protect preservation habitats internationally for endangered species and species-at-risk to recover and thrive in a harmonious sustainable natural environments within large scale optimized biodome habitats. The BIOSPHERE Resorts mission endeavors to give a voice to every species and individual that cannot speak up or defend for itself.

Its time mankind’s actions created more than a decline in life and quality of environment.


BIOSPHERE Las Vegas is a sustainable luxury resort community that offers residents and guests recreational activities to everyone that promote creativity and a healthy lifestyle. As a resort community ready for construction and development, the Enterprise has integrated the latest technologies from around the world to offer guests a taste of a lifestyle that will soon be available to any community on Earth as BIOSPHERE Resorts expands by public demand.

BIOSPHERE Resorts were created to complement any community’s economy while supporting the sustainability and growth of all local business through the increase of tourism.

BIOSPHERE Resorts are the first resort destinations on Earth to:



BIOSPHERE Resorts offer a lifestyle available
no-where else on Earth

These recreational and entertainment based resorts are the first of their kind to “guarantee optimal weather” for residents and guest every day of the year, a major draw for most people and families choosing a vacation, or community in which to reside. People choose BIOSPHERE Resorts because they understand the opportunities this project and community represents to them as an individual and to their family, whether on vacation or as a resident.

An advanced civilization means higher consciousness, advanced technologies, and responsible operations. Meaning, BIOSPHERE Resorts is more than an appealing balance sheet, the Enterprise has signed agreements with the latest sustainable technologies and materials from around the world with people like you who are trying to contribute towards BIOSPHERE Resorts mission and vision.

The Enterprise will offer the healthiest environment on Earth within biodome environments, while demonstrating responsible care and stewardship of species at risk and endangered species worldwide.

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