Contributing to the world in a numerous meaningful and direct ways, BIOSPHERE Resorts endeavors to create long-term jobs and income opportunities in the virtual world and physical world that support sustainable operations in harmony with the environment and local business.  The mission of Enterprise is to halt the loss of biodiversity on Earth while creating a sustainable new job industry focused upon the fulfillment of this mission. 

The Ancient Monolithic Park (AMP) is the first theme park in the world with its own video game that offers locals, gamers, and guest’s opportunities to generate income while on their vacation by competing in activities most people love.  The AMP video game offers anyone the ability to generate a wage by playing the video game, and income opportunities and bonuses for engaging in competition activities at the physical theme park in Las Vegas. 

BIOSPHERE Resorts are designed to create income opportunities for local residents and guests by providing high quality recreational facilities that operate 24 hours a day where people can compete with others of similar skill level for cash, prizes, corporate sponsorships and more.  Televised on BIOSPHERE WebTV at every BIOSPHERE Resort, the resort features over 5000 cameras positioned to capture the optimal photo and video segments of entertainment experiences and recreation.  A high quality movies style video is produced that highlights people’s experiences while at the resort with optimal views and settings that can’t be captured by the competitor first person view or bystanders.

We feel that people should have the freedom to engage in recreation and activities on their own schedule every hour of the day, every day of the year.  Most people only receive two to three weeks of vacation a year to make happy memories with their family, friends and loved ones.  Now, everyone has the freedom to enjoy leisure activities on their own time, and can create ambiance for any activity.  Las Vegas is the “Entertainment Capital of the World”, making BIOSPHERE Las Vegas the perfect addition to the city that never sleeps. 

BIOSPHERE Resorts are perfect weather resort community models designed offer opportunities for guests and visitors to get paid while competing in activities, recreation, entertainment and shopping.  They utilize self-sustainable infrastructure and other advanced technologies to improve the quality of the environment and lifestyle for all species in and around its locale in support of protecting and increasing biodiversity on Earth.