Gaming visuals are entering a new era of realistic physical rendering


We have entered a time on Earth where it is known and understood that there are not enough jobs for the amount of people that require them to generate an income to feed themselves and keep a roof over their family

BIOSPHERE Resorts is creating its copyrighted video game that allows gamers to generate an income from doing what they love to do – immerse themselves in educational, informative, productive and stunning online environments.  But it does not stop there, the video game has a physical representation at BIOSPHERE Las Vegas where gamers can earn even more money by visiting that physical park.


…focused upon fulfillment of BIOSPHERE Resorts humanitarian mission to halt the loss of biodiversity on Earth by creating a sustainable new international job industry focused on the fulfillment of this mission.

BIOSPHERE Resorts theme park and video game will enable gamers worldwide generate an income comparable to an adult, as their parents scratch their heads in amazement…and then join in on the fun!  Everyone person of every age will enjoy playing the BIOSPHERE Resorts video game…that’s what it was designed to do.  And if the gamers don’t enjoy it…or have better ideas…the open source copyrighting element to the game allows you to change the game by telling us what content would blow your hair back – which is one of the objectives in the game…create content that is worthy of inclusion in the game.  If your content that was copyrighted through the video games systems is used, you get paid.

This Enterprise has the potential to directly benefit every human and species on the planet, and is designed to do so in short order with enough support from the gaming community who are more than intelligent enough to recognize the significant potential this video game and theme park represents.

With 1 species becoming extinct every 20 minutes – and the fact that everyone has the right to earn an income that can offer them an optimal lifestyle.  Would you play a video game that pays you to play?  Would you visit a recreational theme park where you can earn money by competing in fun and challenging activities?

With hundreds activities and objectives that payout every hour, the Ancient Monolithic Theme Park (AMP) at BIOSPHERE Las Vegas will offer gamers of all ages a new world where advanced holographics can reach out and touch you with physical effect to immerse you in environments that will take your breath away.  The AMP is an experience like no other on Earth!


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