The first is the physical theme park located at the resort where you will find ancient monolithic structures


The Ancient Monolithic Park (AMP) at BIOSPHERE Las Vegas has been designed to represent the wonders of the world…and its secrets.


This is a magical place where holographic experiences can reach out and touch you, immersing you in hundreds of interactive experiences you will never forget. 


This physical theme park represents many of the virtual worlds and elements featured in the BIOSPHERE Resorts video game.

Here you will find ancient monolithic structures such as; Stonehenge, the Sphinx, Gobekli Tepe, and even the face on Mars, all with their own hidden interactive premium areas that allow gamers and guests of the resort a chance video game bonuses by completing physical objectives at the park.

This copyrighted theme park and video game is the first of its kind featuring world leading contributors that will be announced in due course of release.


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